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Xim Jashari : Works just as intended. Remember to fold a corner!
Pj Varas : This a fine, fun product for the price. My son (5-years-old at the time of purchase, 8-years-old now), never did wear the helmet much, but I think that may be more on him than the product; it certainly seemed acceptable for wearing around the yard and fooling around (not, of course, for actual full contact football, just for pretend, maybe while playing touch or something along those lines). The helmet was too big for him at first, but he grew into it and still didn't care to wear it. Eventually he gave the shirt to his older sister (the Packers have always been her favorite team whereas my son changes every season, and sometimes within a season!) and she is quite taller than him and still gets good use out of it (taller than average 11-year-old girl, but skinny). Hope this helps!
Danica Louise C. Sembrano : A bit big from the description but still works for scrimmage games
Saurabh Singh : This is my second pair. Just had shoulder replaced and needed pants I could get off and on with one arm. These pants are just what I need.
Gizela Ordaz : Really nice and fit as expected

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