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They run true to size and my husband likes them for around the house or to run to the store. The material is not as thick as in the past. He wears 32 pant and I ordered a size medium. I would not have wanted to go any larger on him. Not very high quality material but comfortable and he likes the pockets.  He wears 32 length and they fit him a little long so if your a 34 length these would work well for you.
Not bad for the price but think if we had gotten to sears the quality would have been better.
   Johnny Ramirez
Good video.  Live stage production is better.
   Goshan Beyoncé Neerunjun
Has worked great so far.
   Şekeroğlu Ahmet Serin
Good value and well made....happy with this purchase.
   Gerrico Geslani
Just as good as their shirts.
   Diego Barterxdd
I got this for my sister as a baby gift. She's doing the babies room in ballerinas.  2 very nice crib sheets. Very soft and good quality.  Pretty colors. Very nice set!
   Agnes Pool Anessa

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