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Let the roller mill play the ideal state

Regarding the crushing of materials by roller Clinker Grinding Unit Cost mills, after a lot of theoretical research and operation practice, there is an ideal economic point of crushing and grinding, that is, when the roller mills reach a certain particle size or more, it should be crushed to a certain particle size. In the following, grinding should be adopted, which is the principle of segmented crushing of roller mills.
When the roller mill is running, the milled parts are running at high speed, and the crushing of the materials is performed by means of hammer head or cutter impact or cutting. It is more suitable for crushing large raw materials into coarser ones. When the roller mill is running, the speed is relatively slower. It is more suitable for crushing small pieces of material by crushing the squeezed material through heavy metal parts such as heavy rolls, which is conducive to the energy saving of the mill. To improve economics.
Some scholars have obtained their own research results through research: In the use of coal mill roller magnetic oil plugs, Knowles and Faranto use the Bond formula to calculate the results from the perspective of reducing the energy consumption of crushing and grinding. It is found that the energy consumption of the high-efficiency mill is lower when crushed to 12.7mm and handed to the ore. Former Soviet Union researchers have calculated from the perspective of lower crushing costs that the final crushing size of large-scale processing plants is 4-8mm, and the final 10-15mm of small-scale processing plants is an ideal state for roller mills.

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