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Requirements and testing of roll crusher at the factory

There are many types of double-roll crushers, such as roll Stone Crushing Production Line, four-roll crushers and toothed roll crushers. These models are complete and common in crushing production. They are used to crush medium-hard materials and achieve medium crushing. Or fine broken, simple structure and easy maintenance. So what are the requirements and tests for the roller crusher before leaving the factory? 1. There is a device for adjusting the gap of the roller, which can be adjusted by itself to achieve good control of the equipment. 2. With overload protection device. Control access to materials that are not easily broken or large in size, and protect the equipment from damage. 3. Safety protection device. Prevent unbroken materials from entering the crushing chamber, causing damage to the machine, ensuring the safe use of the equipment, and providing safety protection for employees.
4. High-quality accessories to improve wear resistance and extend the service life of the machine. 5. Before conveying the roller crusher, the technical inspection department will test the empty machine of the crusher. The bearing temperature needs to be tested during the operation of the empty machine to ensure that the bearing temperature is not higher than the standard. At the same time, to ensure the stable operation of the roller crusher during operation, without excessive noise, so that the performance of the crusher meets the requirements. 6. Test the normal production process of the roll crusher During this period, continuous operation of the roll crusher must be ensured, and the crushing rate and discharge size must also be tested. At the same time, when the load is running, the temperature of the bearing must not be higher than the standard temperature. At the same time, during the work, the vibration amplitude is guaranteed to be small, and the crushing cavity must not emit abnormal sounds or prevent the card machine from occurring.

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